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The Madison House DC

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The Madison House

Illuminating Love All Over The World

Founded by Master Life Coach H. Alejaibra Badu, The Madison House is a International Spiritual Health & Wellness Movement that stands to heal people from things that bind them mentally and emotionally. Finding freedom from the self-inflicted prison of the mind when it's over consumed by thought. Freeing yourself from the voice inside your mind that promotes fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, anger, and pain. Freeing yourself from the perceptions of others that leave you in bondage.  Freeing your whole self and authentic being. The Madison House belief is that if you are able to be freed from the things that bind you mentally and emotionally, then you can live your life on purpose.  Live the life you deserve now, in the present moment; manifesting all the abundance that life has to offer.

The Madison House stands to re-establish the presence of love in the atmosphere. Love has been the scapegoat for many emotions throughout the history of time. Fear of loss has masqueraded as love.  Envy and jealousy have "acted" as love. But love is a divine power, a constant force. The Madison House is a space where love exists. Our logo is an adaption of the Adinkra symbol “Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan,” that stands for the Power of Love.

"Love lights its own path. It never gets lost on its way home. You are always home at The Madison House."


"Healing takes community in the same way that celebration takes community"

H. Alejaibra Badu