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What is Tribe?

The Madison House Tribe is a community for gifted people looking for safe spaces to heal, connect and grow as a collective. The tribe is a haven for all those strange, different, weird, and just plain ole magical beings out there, allowing Kings and Queens to engage in their own divinity without fear, worry and judgment but with love, peace and JOY!   


With the recent shifts happening in the Universe and the release of the Divine Feminine taking place, you may have noticed yourself feeling lighter.  A certain level of “not caring” about the things that normally might stress you. Things, people, and even thoughts of before are beginning to lose its potency, and a hunger for more is arising inside of you. Creating space for you to trust your own higher self, follow your own intuition, while igniting a burning desire to love your authentic self; removing the egoistic voice of the mind.

In Tribe, everyone is respected by what they bring; the natural gifts and abilities that you posses as an individual. Tribe Madison House is modeled after the founding principals of the Universe.

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