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Oshun, the benevolent and venerated Yoruba goddess: May you one day experience the strength in her power, the beauty of her undying love, and the magical rhythm flowing through her sacred waters. This goddess is very much alive; her feminine essence resides in the rivers of the world and in the hearts of those who call upon her energy today and every day.

Oshun Spiritual Water is composed of river water from  Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove. Consecrated by High Priest & Priestess of Oshun. Includes herbs to help invoke the power energy of the Orisha. 

It’s no coincidence Oshun is also the referred to as the queen of the witches: She is a teacher of both magic and mysticism. Oshun loves casting spells, especially those related to romance and seduction. She is the granter of wishes and all of your heart’s desires. When respected and properly invoked, Oshun holds the keys to love, success, prosperity, and pregnancy. That said, if you’re trying to invoke this goddess, make sure you always keep her happy. In other words, do not make Oshun a promise you cannot keep. Love her; be loyal to her and be mindful of your wishes. She is the goddess of love, after all.

Few things are as important to spiritual traditions as water. Water is life, from the water in a baptismal font, to the May Day dew girls gather as a beauty charm, to the bottles of Florida water cologne used in hoodoo. It is associated with cleansing, healing, and the emotions, and is involved in everything from spiritual hygiene to offerings for the spirits and ancestors. Learning to harness the power of spiritual water is a crucial part of the education of any healer, lightworker, spirit worker, priest, or priestess.

2 ounce bottle 

Oshun Spiritual Water

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