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Red Brick Dust is used in many Hoodoo traditions as a powerful protector of both places and people. This dust has been made from bricks that made up part of an outdoor oven near the foundations of slave cabins on an old homestead. These old bricks contain powerful energies. 
Use this dust to lay a line along thresholds and window sills. Carry a small pouch or vial of it with you or add it to other protection rituals. 

So while the brick has its own physical protective qualities, those physical qualities pour over into the spiritual realm and become spiritually protective as well.

Cleanse your door and threshold then sprinkle red brick dust over thresholds to keep out intruders of any kind
Mix with protective herb powders and sprinkle over thresholds for powerful protection
Create a “reddening” mix with urine, ammonia, or vinegar and wash down doors and thresholds
According to Lucky Mojo – mix with cinnamon and brown sugar and wash front door to bring in extra cash quickly

With your purchase you will receive approximately 1 oz of hand pulverized brick dust.

Magic does require effort to work, both on the part of the practitioner and on the part of the client as well. You will rarely find a new love or job unless you are both open to receiving them, and actively looking for them. As with all things in life, sometimes the miraculous and fortuitous occurs, but in most cases you have to invest some effort in order to achieve results. Any practitioner who tells you differently is, quite frankly, lying to you.

Prayer, magic, and spellwork are all intended to create a doorway and a path, it's up to you to open the door and walk the path.

Red Brick Dust

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