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Spanish Moss is worn and used to protect against and shield the user against all forms of negative energies and black magic. Wear every day to shield yourself from negativity, curses or an hex while drawing in the energy of wealth & prosperity. Anointed a white candle for 7 days while meditating on your money intentions. Can also be used to assist in gambling. 

Spanish Moss is actually not a moss at all, but a bromeliad in the pineapple family. It is a common sight in Louisiana where it can be seen growing on Oak and Cypress trees, in particular. Contrary to appearances, Spanish Moss is not parasitic in nature, but epiphytic instead. This means it does not kill the trees on which it grows. It simply uses them for support. It is actually helpful to their host trees because as an epiphytic plant, it feeds in part on the debris that collects on the tree trunk and branches. Spanish Moss is also considered an "air plant" because it doesn't have roots and survives on the nutrients in the air around it. As such it is associated with the element air.

Spanish moss has multiple magickal uses. It is used as a traditional filler for stuffing doll babies and is essentially neutral until charged with specific intent. When viewed from the perspective of the Doctrine of Signatures, Spanish moss can be used to create confusion, to smother, to stunt growth and stop progress. It is also used for protection as it forms a thick shield against sorcery. 

Spanish Moss Conjure Oil

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